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High School

Whether you want to win this year’s state championship or just want to beat your cross-town rival, CoachMe is perfect for JV and Varsity teams. Players will improve and have more fun – without any extra hours spent. And it’s affordable!
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Move up the rankings this year with CoachMe. Recap matches in just 30 minutes with video and stats. Focus on what you know best – coaching – and leave the tedious statting and video management to us. We offer affordable season packages that will fit any team’s budget, and they all come with premiere customer service.
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Give your students the edge on the competition with CoachMe’s match stats and video. You no longer have to travel across states and watch with a clipboard – simply record their match and upload to CoachMe. Then watch the match in just 30 minutes with stats – meaning you have more time to coach and tend to your academy.
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What’s a Stat Report?

CoachMe stat reports let you get pro-level stats, like you  see on TV! Our reports include the basics – serve percentages, winners and errors – and advanced metrics like rally length distribution and doubles-specific stats. Check out the samples!

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